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Shandra's Stories

So it’s me again… and just to clear the air and in my defense, my mother was over my shoulder telling me I had to hurry and get the last post up and going, so forgive my fingers. They were under pressure and they don’t work well under pressure! I will try to be better with less typos this time!

Well to start off do you guys think my mom has babies on the brain? The other day she told me she forgot to take her diapers... instead of pills! I wonder…where would she be taking them? And I heard rumor that when she was at girl's camp she asked someone if they needed to blow up their diaper bag instead of air mattress (thanks for the tip, ladies).

And yesterday she told me I had to put all the condiments in the garbage. Well, I think that might be a waste of a lot of ketchup, mustard, and pickles, but mother knows best I guess!

You would never know it just by looking at her that she is capable of such interesting mistakes would you? But the list does go on and on!

Now I don’t know if you hav…