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Week in Review 11/13/16

One the hardest things for me about growing older is the fact that my eyes have betrayed me.  My eyes were perfect most of my life, but one day I woke up realizing that I was spending a lot of time with my arm tromboning  in order to try to bring small print into focus.  Each year my eyes get a little worse until reading without glass became impossible.  Now I notice that I am straining to read even with my glasses so I decided it was finally time to visit my friendly eye doctor.  When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my eye doctor was in fact my backyard neighbor!  His family recently moved into our neighborhood but I didn't recognize him as the eye doctor that I had seen a few years ago.  Whew - I'm sure glad that I have only said nice things about him!  He confirmed the need for stronger bifocals - Dang!  Soon I was trying on new eyeglass styles and picked out a new pair.  They are a little bolder than I usually choose, but I think I like them.
After my ap…