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Ward Christmas Party

Kim and I were asked to be in charge of the ward Christmas Party this year.  We were prompted and  fortunate to choose the very best committee members ever!  I ended up being extremely busy with both Eagle Gate and the Brigham Hospital so I wasn't able to be a big help but the committee far exceeded my expectations, picked up my slack, and pulled off the party to PERFECTION!

We decided to do a "Grinch" theme, with a focus on how the Grinch was able to turn his heart to the real reason for Christmas - the WHO of Christmas - which is Jesus Christ.

Nancy and Doc Moyle offered to be in charge of the dinner, and WOW!  Not only did they create a fabulous Who Feast complete with dessert bar, but they created an almost surreal Who village with decorations.

 Marilyn was kind enough to step in and spend the day decorating.  She is marvelous!  We used some of Brook Burt's and Jodi Wilding's decorations.

The Moyles also were able to locate and invite Santa to our party.  We…

Food 4 Thought Friday!

Food 4 ThoughtFriday!

A little feast without the calories!!

Please visit Jodi's blog!  She posts these for us.   Feel free to play along for some yummy fun! She will post a new one each Thursday night.JOIN IN!!!

Food 4 Thought Friday ~ This week's questions: ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
HOLIDAY MEMORIES Breakfast ~What is the best gift you ever received at Christmas? I have had so many wonderful gifts over the years, each one is special to me. It is very difficult to pick just one.  I think I could narrow it down to two.  First of all, the last Christmas BJ was with us he got me a beautiful Christmas quilt adorned with moose.  I treasure that quilt.  Second, my girls and Kim got together and gave me new flooring for my kitchen.  It was beautiful and totally a surprise!  I still smile every time I walk in the kitchen and see it.  That flooring led to a complete renovation.
Lunch~Do you have a special Christmas memory from when you were a child? The strongest memories I have of Christmas as a…

David's Miracle

Kim's brother, Dave, has been sick with non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver.  He started going downhill about May when he began retaining large amounts of fluid, became extremely fatigued, and started becoming slow when responding to questions.  Of course these symptoms appeared slowly, so we didn't notice just how extreme his symptoms were.  He got to the point where he literally would be too exhausted to walk up a flight of stairs and would often fall asleep during a conversation.  He started having paracentesis performed where they would draw off approximately 6 liters of fluid.  The day before the Olsen family party he had to have 10 liters drawn off.  Two days later his kidneys started failing and he was admitted to the ICU in Ogden where they were able to get him stabilized.  
According to Sutter Health the Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) system is used to prioritize patients waiting for a liver transplant. The range is from 6 (less ill) to 40 (gravely ill). The…

Eagle Gate Christmas Party

I work with the coolest people!   We got together for a Christmas party at Carrie's house in West Jordan  and had a great time!
 Carrie made us yummy pasta, Sally made a delicious ribbon jello, and Lisa brought all of the makings for Italian Ices.  So much great food and good company.  Carrie's daughter entertained the kids by letting them touch and hold her pet guinea pigs and tarantulas!  Eeeeck!

I just LOVE these wonderful ladies I have the opportunity to work with!  They are all so kind, always complementary, willing to help each other out.  I'm so blessed!

Eagle Gate Cohort A6 Graduation

I had the great privilege to attend the graduation ceremony of some of my favorite people!  My first clinical experience was with some of the students of Eagle Gate College Cohort A6.  I was the clinical instructor for many of their clinicals over two years.  I got to know many of them quite well as I watched their nursing knowledge and confidence grow and bloom.  Then this last year when I was hired as a classroom instructor I had the privilege of teaching them again in the classroom.  They are all going to make fantastic nurses, in fact before graduation 8 of them already had secured nursing jobs, most of them at the University of Utah hospital. I couldn't be more proud..