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Condo Time

Our family's favorite time of the year, CONDO TIME!  We love going to Wolf Creek for a few days where we relax, play games, eat too much, and did I mention relax! This year to assist us in relaxation, Tasha had us all do Yoga - it was GREAT!  Even Bubba joined in!

 Most of our condo time is spent playing games - we LOVE games.  Some of our favorites are Hand and Foot, Blurt Pictionary, and Catan.  We enjoy playing Candy Land, AARGH!, and Ooga with Bubba.
 We had a tons of fun playing in the snow.  We didn't have a sled, so we made do with a plastic bin.  It was a little unstable, but we had a great time anyway!

 Someone had previously made this snow tunnel, so Shandra decided to climb through.  She needed a little help at the end.

I decided to have a go at the tunnel too - thank goodness Shandra was there to pull me out!
 Zane wasn't able to go with us this year because he was at a school competition.  We missed having him there, but he was able to make several good job c…