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27 Things About Kim and I

Kim and I just celebrated our 27th Anniversary, so I thought it would be appropriate to list 27 things that you may or may not know about us!

1- The first time I met Kim I knew that I would marry him, however it took Kim several months to decide that he wanted to marry me!

2- The colors for our wedding were pink and “go-go grape”.

3- We spent our honeymoon in a cabin in Eden. We had to snowshoe in!

4- When our children were young they thought that it was normal to spend every evening playing with other kids at various ball diamonds, since between Kim and I we played softball 5-6 nights a week.

5- We have celebrated our anniversary every year by going somewhere overnight together (except for our very first anniversary because BJ was just 2 weeks old!)
6- We both love volleyball - watching, playing, and officiating.
7- Our favorite place to vacation is Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

8- Kim is extremely into pumpkin carving and has gotten me hooked too! However, I will never be as fast nor as talented a…