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October Happenings

One beautiful autumn afternoon, Ashley, Tristan, and I decided to take a short hike walk.  We are so fortunate to live literally seconds from the Rocky Mountains.
 The view was incredible.  I love the fact that part of the view includes our Brigham City temple.
Kalel had his first gymnastic meet of the year.  He has really improved.  I was surprised to see how high and fast he got on his back handsprings, and he landed his back tuck perfectly.  He is getting good!
Tasha was able to fly out to to join the Sister's Retreat.  I love seeing my two girls together and smiling so beautiful.  I think that they are gorgeous!
 Of course Kalel has to share the spotlight!  He loves his mom and his Tia.

After months of trying,  Kale, Brynanne, and I were able to coordinate our schedules so that we could catch up.  It was so great to spend time with them again!  In nursing school between carpools, studying, and clinicals we were practically inseparable.  Kale hasn't changed, he is still …