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Avoiding a Smelly Situation

Whew!That was close – in fact it was much too close for comfort! I was walking out my door, very early of course, and it was still dark.Luckily I had left the porch light on or I may have stumbled blindly into a very bad situation.I walked along the house to the driveway and then along the front end of the driver’s side of the car.I had just passed the rear view mirror when I looked up and noticed this:
It had just come out of my daisies and was headed right toward me!  Suddenly we both stopped – he looked right at me and then RAISED HIS TAIL!

I, of course, at this time realized how precarious my situation was.This skunk was less than 10 feet from me, tail raised, and ready to fire.Panic overwhelmed me!I stood there frozen unable to move.Thank goodness my vocal cords were frozen also because I didn’t scream.
Finally my brain started to function and ever so slowly I started moving backward, staying right next to the car to hopefully camouflage my movements.I moved around to the front …