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A Quick Las Vegas Trip

Whew! What a whirlwind trip! Marilyn, Jalyn and I left Wednesday afternoon and drove to Mesquite, stayed the night there and then left for Vegas Thursday morning. We spent the day shopping at the outlets, checking into the MGM Grand Hotel, swimming and floating in the "lazy river" at one of the five pools at the hotel, and then after a late lunch we showered and got all beautified for our night with Donny and Marie. The next day we got up, got in the car and drove back to Brigham City. It was a fantastic trip, but a little too much driving in too few days for my taste! Donny and Marie were wonderful, of course! The show was typical for Las Vegas, lots of bling, lights, dancing, and sequins. Both Donny and Marie even began the show dressed in silver and gold - Marie in 3" high heels and Donny in silver shoes that he claimed were mirrors! Both have incredible talents. Marie sang an aria that just about brought us to tears. They both did a ton of dancing. I was extremely am

Our 3 Minutes of Fame

Whew Whoo! "Diana Ross" and we "Supremes" performed brilliantly at our recent Stake Lip Sync. Okay, maybe we weren't quite brilliant - but at least we did it! We had anticipated a little more time to prepare and since several of the acts scheduled to perform before us neglected to show up, we were not exactly warmed up, stretched, and in sync as we would have liked to be. I have had several constructive criticisms requesting that I never dye my hair black. Karen and Janet were terrifically fun to do this with!

Audrey's Funnies By Shandra

So yeah I guess its about time we put up the best part of this blog!!! haha!! Some random ones... Shake your homework... or as we call it dice! Is it blue? Is it a sniket?...... meaning "all play" for a game! Did you snickle?..... this one means roll the dice! You brought your brush teeth... if you don't understand what's wrong with this one, you need your own corner!!! ha ha!! Oomp loompa dippidy do!... not the way they sing it in the movie but I guess it works. So the newest one is we need to go out side and put up the sleeping bag for the bubba to pay in.. or ya know a swiming pool! One day I was driving my mom to work because I needed to take her car to my work leaving the house I ran and put on her slippers because I couldnt find mine. Angrily my mom looked down at them and said "those are your slippers" well if ya so mom!! Here are some classic ones.. One day when I first started working at Maddox I brought home a gift bag, as I was taking things