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Through the Years with Good Friends

Kim and I started hanging out with the Lotts and the Johnsons back when our oldest children were mere toddlers.  In fact, one year we were all pregnant at the same time!  We have had so many great times together over the years.

This week we all got together for dinner at Moore's restaurant.  It is so amazing to me how much fun we have whenever we get together, even though we don't see each other very often any more, we still mesh together, laughing and sharing stories, just like we have done for almost 30 years!

Needless to say we have changed a lot over the years.  Some of us have less hair on our heads, some of us now wear glasses, and some of us have added a few pounds.  Together we have worried about our children - and now grandchildren.  Together we have mourned losses of family members and learned to be caretakers of aging parents.  We have shared weddings and vacations, Superbowl parties, job losses, and house remodeling.

How very grateful I am for the great friendshi…