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Food 4 Thought

BreakfastWhat is your current favorite song?
Hmm, my current favorite song?  That is an extremely tough question, I pretty much like everything.  Usually my favorites include the songs the choir is working on.  Right now we are working on, "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" which I love.  I also love, love, love Christmas songs!

LunchWhat is something that can always brighten your day no matter what?
A neck massage.  I just love it when someone comes up behind me and starts rubbing my neck! I just feel the tensions start to fade away.

DinnerWhat is something you feel like you have improved on the past week?
I have improved on blogging!  I have been slacking for awhile, and it's good to get back into it.
Midnight Snack If you could go back and change one thing this week, what would it be?
Honestly, I can't think of one thing this week I would change - there was good and there was bad but there wasn't anything that I would do differently.

Recipe of the Week(instead of your re…

New and Exciting Adventures Ahead!

When I first completed my Master's Degree I decided to just see what was out there, so I sent out a few resumes and had a couple of interviews but the overall consensus was that I would be better off to get some more floor experience under my belt.  I totally agreed!  Even after all of my schooling, there is much more about nursing that I do NOT know than what I DO know! So, I worked, both as a Labor and Delivery nurse and also as a clinical instructor.  My tasks as a clinical instructor included supervising students as they work with nurses in the clinical settings such as long-term care facilities and hospitals.  I rounded on the students, was available to help with any new tasks or questions, ensured that they had a good hands-on learning experience, and conducted a post clinical conference each day reviewing the day, putting their experiences into practical situations, and even some debriefing of traumatic experiences.  I assumed that I would be working both of these jobs for q…

Food 4 Thought

Breakfast What three things made you the happiest this week?  1- I was recruited to interview for a full time teaching job,  I interviewed well and they offered me the position  2- I was in the right place at the right time to help when a ward member was having a heart attack 3- Heavenly Father hears and answers my prayers, He has a plan for me
LunchWhat three things made you the saddest this week?
1- I had to give my notice to the hospital 2- It was the angelversery of BJ's death 3- Financial dilemmas
DinnerWhat are some of your quirks that most people don't know about?
1- I eat oatmeal for breakfast about 300 days a year 2- After a long day at work my favorite dinner is cold cereal 3- I am addicted to playing board games on the computer (Ticket to Ride and Settlers of Catan) 4- I watch "The Love Boat" almost every night to fall asleep 5- I quite often get the overwhelming urge to dance - or sometimes just to strike a pose.  
Midnight SnackName a flattering moment this week and a…