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Disneyland - A Magical Place for Grown-ups

First let me explain that my last two trips to Disneyland did not quite reach the level of “perfection” for one simple reason, I could not relax because I was worried about my children.While at Disneyland when Shandra was 2 years old, she climbed out of her stroller and disappeared.Obviously, I have never been so frightened in my life!Apparently, she enjoyed the “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride so much that she wanted to ride again.While four frantic adults spent an agonizing 20 minutes rushing around, yelling her name, and pretty much panicking, Shandra was calmly working her way past the hundreds of people in line and was just about to board the pirate vessel with strangers.Fortunately a few people had seen her sneaking through the line, and when they saw us, they directed us to her.Of course, she was only mad that she couldn’t get on the ride, but needless to say, I was scarred for life!

Fast forward several years.We were again at Disneyland, BJ and Shandra are considerably older and…