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Early Christmas with Tasha and Zane

Unfortunately Tasha and Zane are not able to join us for Christmas this year, so we decided to celebrate early when they arrived for a visit this week.  We had a short but fantastic visit. The fun started when Tasha joined our visiting teaching group at Old Grist Mill.  It was so fun.  I just love our monthly visits with.  Having Tasha join was just perfect! Ashley, Jonell, Karen, Tasha, Audrey, Shandra Zane plays well with Kalel We played tons of games and laughed and laughed.  We had a wonderful dinner with Zane's family and then we came back and opened some presents (PJ's of course). Several months ago we all got on the Harry Potter website and were sorted into our various "houses" by the "sorting hat".  Shandra and Zane were Slytherines, Kim and Kalel were Griffindorfs, and Tasha and I were Hufflepuffs.  Tasha thought that was so fun that she knit us all scarves that corresponded with our various houses.  There are beautiful