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October Challenge #26--What experiences have you had in the E.R.?

Fortunately we have not had many experiences in the E.R.!  A few trips for stitches

I have taken my dad in for various things - the most significant was when we discovered that he had a broken neck!  The guy had been walking around for years with a broken neck and didn't know it!  We got him into surgery at the University of Utah and he is good as new.

October Challenge #25--What have been some of the fashion/beauty trends you've worn over the years?

There have been many of fun and/or funny trends through the years!  
My younger years were spent in dresses, 

Junior high I remember was an era of wide leg jeans - the wider the better, and if they weren't wide enough material was stitched in to make them wider!   Hot pants and mini-skirts were in, but I didn't really get into that.  Platform shoes were just making a debut.   I had a pair of navy and white heels that I loved! In high school we had to wear HASH jeans or LAPD's.   Everyone had Farrah Faucett Hair.