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Taking Pictures

Are you interested in an amazing adventure?
Well, here you go . . . just try to take pictures of three, very adorable yet extremely active toddlers! Since my two nephews, Tristan and Corbin, are so close in age to my Kalel, we have tried to make a tradition of taking pictures of them together at various times in their lives. I think this is the closest I have ever been to rodeo wranglin'!

Looking everywhere except the camera

Here, Tristan,you have a smudge on your face
. . . Oops, dumped out of the truck!


Crawling off . . . . . .

He's touching meeeee!

Here, Corbin, I'll help you stand over here . . .

And I'll just sit here and rest awhile
Gotta go get more Fruit Loops!


It's time to get off
. . .

After 150 pictures, finally, one that is good enough to keep!
. .
The Three Amigos

Corbin 13 months
Kalel 17 months
Tristan 21 months

High School Musical

This post is an unsolicited advertisement for the current Heritage Theater production of High School Musical.
I was very hesitant to go, thinking that it would be difficult to perform on a such a small stage, but I was very pleasantly surprised! The music was wonderful, and the actors did a fine job. Devin Jackman and Campbell Parson were tons of fun to watch! I highly recommend this production!