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Annual Waffle Breakfast

For many years the staff from the Brigham City Women's Center (aka Dr. Dibble's office) have gathered together one morning in December for a grand waffle party.  Most of the staff are no longer working there but we wanted to get together anyway and planned to go to Burt's Cafe for our waffles.  Unfortunately it turned out that only a few of us were able to attend.

Jalyn, Marilyn, and I have always been ready, willing, and able for a good time, good food, and time to strengthen our bonds of friendship, so we jumped at the chance for our waffle breakfast.
I just love these ladies!  They are truly two of my very best friends and I cherish our time together.  I still get to see Marilyn quite often since we live just down the street from each other (YEA!), but I rarely get to spend time with Jalyn, and I miss her desperately!  We have been through so many struggles and good times together.  We leaned on each other's shoulders during hard or sad times, and we rejoiced toget…