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April Adventures

The first part of the month of April was spent with many visits with dad at the memory care unit to hopefully help him to adjust to his new home.  It was very hard, especially when he would tell us that he needed to get out of there.  However the staff continually reassured us that he really was adjusting well.

By the second week in April we all had to agree that dad was doing phenomenally well.  He no longer asked to leave and he seemed content.  We were told that he had taken on the role of "helper" to the ladies in the facility with him.  He helped them with their walkers and he helped them by pushing them in their wheelchairs - even if they didn't want him to. 😊

His hair and beard were getting a little scraggly so we made him an appointment for a trim.  He has had his beard since mom died, so we didn't even consider cutting it off.  It is difficult to shave him, so we planned on keeping the beard forever (besides I like it!).  However the day before his appointm…