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Les Miserables in Cedar City

Last Thursday Shandra and I rushed to airport as soon as I got off work for a fun (and much too short) trip to Cedar City.  The flight fare was unbelievably inexpensive (only $56 each way and with gas as expensive as it is right now, it was almost cheaper to fly than to drive!)  We were surprised to find a huge crowd in line waiting to get through security at the airport - needless to say it made us just a tad-bit nervous about missing our flight!  Luckily for us, just as we got in line, an employee announced that they had just opened a line in the next terminal.  It was a bit of a walk, but there was no waiting and we breezed right through!  Whew!   It was just a short 30-40 minute flight - much better than a four hour drive!
The Cedar City airport is just a tiny place - but it almost looks like a 5-star hotel!  We were very impressed!

Tasha picked us up at the airport and took us to her cute little apartment.  It is in downtown Cedar, literally walking distance to the college campu…