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Week in Review 4/17/16

Julie drove up and met Rox and I for lunch this week!  It was so fun!  I haven't hung out with Rox for a long time.  We decided to do it once a month - AND we even put it on the calendar!  Julie is so entertaining.  She spent most of the time telling us of a study she is reviewing for accreditation that focuses on specific parts of the male anatomy.  The way she tells it sounds like she is a teenage kid who is embarrassed by the facts of life instead of a highly educated doctor of pharmacology!  We were just about rolling in the isles!  We also discussed the fact that Rox has achieved a great job as the controller of a large corporation - and she doesn't even have a degree.  She is GOOD!  It was nice to share lunch with these two great ladies!   I came home that night exhausted from a long day of pulling together resources, writing syllabi, and arranging assignments for the next semester.  I felt just like being a bum, so I curled up in my favorite chair - a hammock - and enj…