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More El Bandito

Last summer when we saw "The Hanging of El Bandito" at the Pickleville playhouse we immediately became El Bandito avid fans.  Almost all of us have the soundtrack memorized - Tasha is amazing at rapping all of the parts and Bubba can sing almost all of the words to every song!  I listen to the CD after a long night of working and sing loudly to keep myself awake while driving.  Zane wasn't able to see the play in the summer, but had listened to the soundtrack enough that he was very excited to see the play.  So Zane and Tasha drove up from Cedar for just one day to see the play with us in Salt Lake.

We were not disappointed!  In fact, I'm quite sure that the play is better every time that we see it!  We were just about rolling in the isles in laughter.  Watching Bubba was precious!  He didn't stop smiling the entire two hours!  And he quoted and sang right along with the actors!

After the show, Tasha reported to Bandito that there were a few words of the rap tha…

BJ's 30th Birthday

WOW!  I honestly can't believe that it has been 30 years since my son was born!  I remember it as if it were yesterday!  I was supposed to be the honored guest at a baby shower with about 30 friends and family members - but, they had the party without me as I spent the evening in the hospital "enjoying" intense contractions.  It was a long night, but worth ever bit of pain when BJ was placed in my arms!  He had the cutest cone head from coming posterior.  He had long, blonde hair that was almost silver.  And, he was perfect in my eyes!  He wasn't quite perfect physically, however.  He had a congenital hip, meaning that the hip socket hadn't fully formed, so he had to wear 4-5 diapers at a time to keep his hip in place.  He also had a hard time eating because he was tongue-tied, but once his tongue was clipped, he was good as new!

Once BJ started walking and talking, he never stopped!  Keeping up with him was a full-time chore!  He was running at 9 months old, and…