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August 2018

The Parrish family arrived for McKay's wedding.  It was so good to see them, they are so comfortable to be around - just like family.  We got to meet McKay's fiance, Annie.  She is a doll!  Mont, Marilyn, Maddie, and Marshall all stayed with us for the week, but their schedules were so varied that we never knew from one minute to the next who was in the house.

We were able to go to the temple with Annie and Maddie to take out their endowments.  What a special memory for them both.

McKay and Annie's wedding was beautiful.  They were sealed in the Brigham City temple.  Their reception was at her father's barn in Perry.  Mitch and Marshall provided entertainment by singing together.  It was awesome!  We ran into Cyn and her granddaughters at the reception and we had a great time catching up.
Fun tidbit:  when McKay was about 3 years old he used to pray every night that Kim would stop saying "bad" words and drinking "bad" soda (Dr. Pepper).  Unfortunate…