June was a busy month, but also very exciting!

Shandra's friend and visiting teacher, Heather, is absolutely AMAZING!  She decided that since Shandra got rid of all of her baby things she needed to have a baby shower. She literally planned, decorated, delivered invitations, and provided ALL of the yummy food for a huge shower!  It was absolutely fantastic.   Many people from our ward came as well as most of the family members.  Even Cyn drove up!  It was a roaring success with Shandra being "showered" with tons of gifts and a plethora of diapers.  Hayden joined in the fun and was very excited with all of the goodies!

Sunday, June 10
Today I have been feeling a little blah.  A lot of it is because I realized that the bathroom was still going to be torn apart when Tasha and Zane come.  It makes me sad, why does everything have to take so long?  I was sincerely tempted to stay home from church today to work on it.  But, I decided to go.  I'm so glad that I did.  Jen Pac…

May Memories

The beginning of May also marked the beginning of a new semester.  I am teaching a new class this semester called "Capstone".  It is the last class that the students will have before graduation and it includes a 90 hour practicum that the students have to do.  I'm excited to teach this class, but there are no firm guidelines so I don't know exactly what I am doing.  I have been working with Carrie at the Murray campus who has taught this class a couple of times, thank goodness she is willing to share her ideas!.

Friday May 4 I worked very late trying to get ready for school Monday.  When I finally got home Kim decided to take me out to dinner - Hooray - Date Night! We decided to try dinner at the Brigham House, a new restaurant in town.
As we were entering we ran into Coach Robinette and his wife Chris.  He cautioned Kim not to order the Brigham House Burger because it was huge.  I believe it then became a challenge for Kim!  As we entered we saw that the Eddingtons …