July 2019

Oh, the fun, sunny days!  I just love summertime, wearing shorts and sandals, the kids loving warm weather and playing outside, darkness waiting until 9:00 to appear, perfect!

Mont and Kiaya
I was a work and got this picture text from Mont.  When I saw it, I was very confused.  I knew that the Parrishes were going to be in Utah/Idaho to celebrate his parents 50th anniversary, but I couldn't figure out how in the world Mont found Kiaya because Shandra was at work.  It took a long time but I finally remembered that Kiaya was at Lisa's house, her babysitter.  Lisa and her husband Brent are very good friends of the Parrishes family and when Mont stopped by to see them, I guess Kiaya ran right up to him.  He said it made him very happy!

Joan's Treatment
Last year Joan was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.  The treatment usually involves a waiting/maintenance time with little to no treatment unless the patient starts having bad symptoms.  Joan reached the point where tr…

June 2019

Air Conditioner
Several years ago when we replaced our flat roof with a pitched one our contractor (Ashley's husband, Mark) removed the old swamp cooler and wouldn't let us cut a hole in "his" new roof to replace it.  We didn't have the money for central air conditioning so every summer we swelter and sweat as we suffer through the hot weather with one window air conditioner and several fans.  It has been tolerable, but usually, there are a few weeks where we seriously suffer. This year our furnace has had a few sputters and attacks of not working so we decided to bite the bullet and get a new furnace as well as central air conditioning.  I'm thinking that Kim is really going to love it, but I find myself wrapped in a blanket most of the time!

Kalel goes to Yellowstone
Mickel has been planning for over a year for a great-big family vacation to Yellowstone.  Kim and I weren't able to go because we had already planned to go to Parrishes house in Texas, but t…

May 2019 - Planes and Hotels and Cars - OH MY!

San Diego (Flight #1)

What is more fun than a GIRL'S TRIP?  Cyn, April, Tammy, and I decided that we needed a get-a-way to sunny San Diego - Bonus!  I got to visit with Tasha and fam.  April needed one more day to work, so Cyn, Tammy, and I headed out early Tuesday morning.  Of course, we were running a little late, and then we hit traffic almost all of the way there.  We were so nervous that we were going to miss the flight that we almost ran into the airport.  Luckily we made it on time, but waiting in line at security was tortuous.  Finally, we got to the front and then we were notified that we actually had TSA precheck tickets so we could have skipped the line! Oh bother!  I thought I had checked before we got in line, but I missed the little notice on our boarding passes, probably because I was so stressed about getting there on time.

We flew Southwest and felt very fortunate to get seats all together because the flight was very full.  Look at those happy faces just ready for…