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Week in Review 4-3-16

Monday my good friend and co-worker, Sue, was there.
She was teaching the Pharm class for that day.  She asked me to team teach with her, not because she needed help but she said that she just wanted me to be with her!  She is so cute!  So, I attended the class with the goal to pick up fabulous teaching strategies that Sue uses.  She is a fantastic teacher and it was great to watch her teach.  She is so animated!  We had lunch together at the Training Table which is right next door to Eagle Gate.  What a fun time we had!

That night Kalel and Rae joined me for another sleepover.  I declared that we were going to have a movie night so we all got PJ's on and climbed into my bed and watched "The Princess Bride".  Kalel declared that it was a great movie!  Even Rae liked it and quietly watched it until the end.  Score one for a fun grandma!  Of course it was an easy win because everyone knows how great that movie is!
The next day at work I spent the majority of the day watchi…