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I am an avid reader. I devour books, especially LDS novels that have good messages intertwined with the story line. As I read, I usually allow myself enough time to read one or two chapters, and I make a promise to myself that I will stop at the end of a chapter. However, most of the time I find it very difficult to stop at the end of the chapter. Granted, chapter’s end usually is a natural spot to take a break in the story, but most times there is just enough of a cliffhanger or a tease to tempt you to start into the next chapter. That is how I feel about my life right now. One year ago I started attending USU Brigham Campus. I had no idea at the time how the campus would take over my life during the next 12 months. I went from barely knowing the campus existed to having an intimate acquaintance with the lobby, the bookstore, the computer and science labs not to mention the classrooms. I have become friends with the counselors, the facilitators, the bookstore clerks, and the other st

Mother's Day Dinner

We have started a grand tradition in my family. Instead of stressing to find just the right gift for our mothers, we have started just going to dinner together to celebrate Mother's Day. When I called my mom to see if she was okay with dinner instead of gifts again this year, she replied, "Oh Yes! I was so hoping that we would!" It is such a fun evening. Only moms are invited - so our group included mom, my 3 sisters, Roxane, Robin, and Ashley, as well as Shandra and my niece, MicKenzie. Robin did surprise mom with a special gift, however. Many years ago mom wrote and illustrated a children's book called, "Marblehead". It was never published, she just kept the pages in sheet protectors in a binder. Robin stole the book, scanned the pages, and sent to Blurb for publishing. It was terrific! Ashley read it to all of us there. It was a perfect gift. We had so much fun, eating, laughing, and sharing old stories! This will be a tradition I will look forward to