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Food 4 Thought Friday!

Breakfast: What three things would you save if your house were burning down? (family and pets are already safe)If my family was already safe, I would have to grab my scrapbooks, my computer along with the external drive with all of the pictures, and our box that contains all of our important documents such as birth certificates.

Lunch: Are you planning or have already taken any vacations this summer? Explain.
Kim and I are taking separate vacations this year – not because we don’t love each other anymore, but because I have a FANTASTIC opportunity to go to Hawaii with 3 of my classmates!I really would like to take Kim with me, but he said, “I will never take you, so you better go with your friends!”Isn’t he the greatest!He doesn’t like to travel much, and he really doesn’t want me to miss out on any opportunities just because he doesn’t want to go.He knows how much I LOVE to travel!He spent his vacation with the Young Women in our ward at girls’ camp as their priesthood representative.…

Time Capsule Letters

In 2006 our family decided to write ourselves letters on what we anticipated would happen over the next five years.Last night we got to open the letters.I have to say that it was mighty scary to open those letters, yet the anticipation was overwhelming!It was truly amazing to me that I honestly had no idea what I would find once they were opened, because I could not remember anything that I had written!In surveying the rest of the family, their feeling mimicked mine.We each opened our own letter at the very same time.There were exclamations of unbelief, groans, as well as a lot of laughter!Here is a sample:Kim:I will still be aliveI will still be marriedI will have grand children (pretty safe, right?)
I will be happier than I am now.
I will still have all of my digits (fingers)
Tasha obviously suffers from delusions of grandeur:
I will be in/out of college – in California

I will be getting a major in English

I will be doing odd jobs so we can pay for a trip around
the world

I w…