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October 2018

This has been a crazy month!  It started while I was at work with a phone call from the aide at Gables who said that Dad had a fever and had fallen, she then casually mentioned that his O2 stats were in the low 80's.  She also mentioned that they had called the nurse to come in and check on him.  I wasn't too worried until she mentioned his low oxygen, but was anxious to hear from the nurse.  A few minutes later the nurse called and said that his O2 sats were at 78 and she couldn't get them higher.  He was also acting very tired.  She recommended that we take him to the hospital.  I jumped in my car and called Robin to tell her that I would meet her at Gables.  When I got there 40 minutes later I found Dad laying on the sofa, he was acting totally lethargic and his O2 was at 68.  We maneuvered him into a wheelchair with the help of the aide and got him into the car.  He could not help at all.  He was extremely confused, weak, and lethargic.   He didn't make any sense w…