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Our Crazy Family

Unfortunately mom was in the hospital for her and dad's 52nd wedding anniversary on June 22. (She also was in the hospital on their 50th! We told them that from now on they should just plan to celebrate their anniversaries in the hospital cafeteria, that way they would already be prepared!)
Since the hospital wouldn't let them go out to dinner to celebrate, we decided to gather the whole family for a celebration right in the hospital. Since it was on a Sunday afternoon we found an office waiting room that was unoccupied and commandeered it for the party. We brought all of the fixins for a grand celebration and had a great time. It was nice to get the entire family together, even Julie and her crew joined us. We got to meet Kenzie's honey, Drew. Roxane even brought her new little puppy, Gimley.

Mom's Contact Information

I have been asked to list mom's address and phone number. Right now it is:

ReNee Duerden
Alpine Transitional Rehab Center Room #14
997 South 800 West
Brigham City, UT 84302

(435) 226-0074

I'm sure that she would appreciate any cards or calls. She is getting a little stronger every day, but it will be a long process. The plan is that she will be able to be fitted for the artificial leg in about 6-7 more weeks. I'm pretty sure that she will be going home before that.

Dad is doing fairly well as a "bachelor" other than he is lonely. He has his lawn mowers to keep him busy most of the time, and mom calls him to visit several times a day. It is so amazing to me to see the things that dad has learned how to do in the last couple of years. He has really stepped up to the plate. If you would like to contact dad, it is easier to get him on his cell phone (however if he doesn't answer, don't leave a message - he doesn't know how to retrieve messages!) His number is (8…

I'm just a little bit crazy!

Already pressed for time, way too many things to do, and instead of getting anything accomplished, I am searching the internet for Diana Ross and The Supreme videos. My good friends Karen and Janet talked me into participating in our stake lip sync this weekend. I told them that our goal was to be the group that got the most laughs because if we try for laughs we won't be embarrassed if anyone laughs at us. Silly logic, but it makes sense to me! Actually, I think this will be tons of fun!

July 7th Update on my Mom

Here is the latest information on my mom's situation. Yesterday (Sunday) she was transferred from McKay-Dee Hospital to Alpine Rehab here in Brigham. Yeah! It is so nice to have her close! Anyway, she is doing very well, I think, for the most part. Since the amputation the swelling seems to have gone down considerably - enough that on Friday when she sat up in bed the cast slipped right off the stump and landed on the floor! She now has to wear a strap around her waist to keep the cast from falling off. She seems to have more color, even though she is still severely anemic, and a little more energy. Alpine is incredible! It is almost like staying in a 5 star hotel! They are treating her very well there, and I think that even though she is anxious to go home, she will be comfortable in the meantime.
Since mom has been sick for such a long time all of her muscles are extremely weak and she will require many hours of rehabilitation in order to be able to transfer herself from chair to…