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Okay, I have finally succumbed to the friendly pressure and created my own blog. We will see how it goes. Why, I'm sure you are wondering, did I come up with the title, "Thoughts from a Frazzled Mind". Here's the scoop, it seems that as time progresses my ability to speak becomes more and more difficult. Apparently my mind is so very frazzled that the English language becomes a pile of mush in my brain, and the words that come out either do not apply to the sentence I was trying to speak or the words are totally nonsensical. Would you like a small sample of my fauxpaus? As I share this, I'll admit that I have a great sense of humor, even when the laughter is directed at me.
"We need to stop at the store to buy some pianos." (Now, I didn't really need pianos, I was hoping to buy cereal.)
"If you don't do your dishes, you will be naked." (A problem that all of us face, right?I said this to BJ as he was packing to go to Snow College)