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The Roller Coaster Continues!

And . . . . the roller coaster continues!  I have been studying like crazy for my NCLEX (state nursing board) exam – anywhere between 4-6 hours per day.  The day before the test I studied for 10 ½ hours!  I was still nervous, but anxious to get it over with.  I studied very hard the day before the test and then planned to relax and take it easy on the day of the test. 
Test day rolled around and I had several great texts and posts wishing me luck and reminding me that prayers had been said on my behalf.  I was so grateful for all of the words of encouragement.  One special post from Marilyn reminded me that many prayers had been said in my behalf, and then she reminded me to listen for those prayers whispering in my ear.  At that moment I had a very tangible feeling of those prayers, I could literally feel their power!  As often happens when touched by the spirit, tears started leaking out of my eyes.  When Kim saw that I was crying he put his arms tenderly around me and asked what …