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El Bandito at Pickleville

We enjoyed the Pickelville Playhouse original production of "The Hanging of El Bandito" so much when were were in Bear Lake last month that we decided that we needed to see it again - and we needed to bring the rest of the family.  Since Cyn is pretty much family, we invited her too. The hour and a half drive over to Bear Lake just to see the play was totally worth it!  It was just as good this time, and the girls LOVED it!  Even Kalel got into it and for days has gone around the house singing, "El Bandito - oh, oh, oh" while doing the dance.  It is so cute! Once of our favorite songs from the play was a song about the many benefits of having a mustache - so we decided that we all needed to have one.  We applied our mustaches and then went out to speak with the cast after the show.  We are with "El Bandito" (aka T.J. Davis) in this first picture.  T.J. Davis is an incredibly talented man.  He not only stars in the show (performing several different styles…

Tasha's Wedding Shower

Zane's family hosted a fun shower for Tasha's wedding.  It was a Hawaiian theme, and all of the guests were asked to dress in Hawaiian attire.  They went all out with the decorations and the food!  Everything was Hawaiian - from a drink "bar" to all of the fruit served on skewers.  They even set up a Hawaiian themed quilt and asked all of the guests to tie a few knots.  It was really fun! Check out some of the great Hawaiian dress! A big "shout out!" for all of the hard work Zane's family did to make this shower a success!