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Life Update

The past month has been crazy, busy, but very good! First of all my handsome, young Bubba got a new church suit and a "skull" tie.  I'm pretty sure that he is the most handsome boy in the whole ward!

We had the great opportunity to present the production "The Ten Virgins" by Emily Freeman again, this time for our ward and a neighboring ward.  I honestly believe that it means more to me each time that I do it! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this wonderful production.  Hopefully I can work on having plenty of oil on hand and be prepared for the time when the bridegroom comes.

 We had a great excursion to the Heritage Theater to see Our group included Shandra and Bubba, Robin and Corbin, and Ashley and Tristan.  All of the boys did very well and enjoyed the first half of the play, but it is a very long play and they started getting tired during the last half.  Corbin and Bubba were both very excited that several of the cast members …