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Week in Review March 6

I started the week off with a bad day!  Sunday I spent the day filled with anxiety and depression.  It was a rough day,  I did make it through church, and even had nice time teaching my family history class.  This round I have been asked to teach the "Ma's and Pa's" who will going on the Trek with the youth this summer.  I think it will be a good class with a wide variety of skill and knowledge.  After church when Kim left, I pretty much just fell apart.  Who knows why.  Luckily "Fuller House" the sequel to the 1980's sitcom "Full House" had just come out on Netflix.  I sat all evening and watched the entire season in one shot.  It helped and I felt better the rest of the week.

Shandra has a new schedule at school where she has class until 9:00 on Monday and Wednesday nights.  Since we both have to leave very early the next day (at 5:00) I decided it would just be easier for me to keep the kids overnight so she doesn't have to pick them up…

Week in Review February 28

Well, the results are in from Kim's gallbladder tests.  According to the HIDA scan  he has absolutely zero gallbladder function.  Kim told everyone that he was about to have a "2-pound gall-baby" that Mont named "Gall-Bob".  Dr. Dave recommended that Kim have surgery to remove the gallbladder so he has an appointment next Monday to meet with the surgeon and to schedule the surgery.  Thankfully his pain has subsided for now and he is feeling pretty good, so he is good to wait a bit.

One of the disadvantages of buying a car from a Salt Lake dealership is that it may require driving to Salt Lake when something is needed.  I purchased a clear covering to be adhered to the hood of my car to help prevent chips since I am on the freeway so much.  In order to do that I had to drive down on Monday evening to drop it off.  Luckily they gave me a rental car to use.  It was a Subaru Crosstek.  I was so glad to have the opportunity to drive the Crosstek because I had been t…