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Games and New Year's

We are so fortunate to be associated with such a large circle of friends!  Many of which are now are serving in high church callings.  And to our good fortune, they seem to still like to hang out with the  heathen Olsens. On December 30 we had a game night some of our good friends.  Mont and Marilyn Parrish. Dave and Jodi Wilding, and Troy and Carol Herzog all joined Kim, Shandra, and I for a wild and crazy night of games. We played Taboo, of course. One of our favorites.  We first played guys against girls and the guys complained the whole time about the girls' ability to read each other's minds and get the answers right.  The girls won by a landslide the first game.  The second time we decided to have the girls and guys intermingle on the teams,  It was amazing to see that the score was much closer when the girls were helping the guys! We also played a hilarious game of the Wildings called "Telestrations".  With this game each of us were given a

Misc December Memories

Remodel update We finally got my living room put together!  (It isn't completely done, but done enough that we can use it!)  The fireplace turned out fantastic!   The carpet is fabulous!  We got extra thick pad so it is very soft.  I broke down and bought new furniture - got a fantastic deal, I think!    The bookshelf at the top of the stairs is absolutely beautiful!  Kim used the same flooring that is in the kitchen for the top.  All of my scrapbooks fit with lots of room to spare. It feels so glamorous in the living room!  It almost doesn't feel like it should be mine - but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!  My only problem now is how to decorate it. The ward Christmas Party found us sitting on Santa's lap!  It was a wonderful party where the primary children and YMYW performed a live nativity. Bonnie, Jodi, Santa, Audrey, Marilyn, and Ashley New Stake President and Bishopric We knew that a we were getting a new stake presidency, and not