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Week in Review 7/31/16

I had a very interesting and quite spiritual experience this week.  A good friend of mine has had a very difficult decision to make.  She had two choices, both were good choices and either would lead her to a good, happy life, although each path would be quite different from each other thus the destinations would end up totally different.  She had been worrying and stressing over these decisions for weeks.  She has been so stressed that she has not been able to sleep, her stomach has been in constant knots.

My friend is a very spiritual person.  She is not of my faith and she does not feel the need for organized religion, but she prays frequently and feels that she has a good relationship with God and Jesus Christ.  She and her husband have been praying fervently for help in making the decision that would be best for her and her family.  When she and I were talking I asked her what she was specifically praying for, I wondered if she was just asking God to give her the answer or if sh…