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Great Grandpa!

A great grandpa does super fun things! Although it was October we were experiencing a very nice Indian summer and the temperatures were just perfect for an outdoor camp out in the yard. Grandpa Bob pitched a tent on the grass and rolled the sleeping bags out.  He made sure that the all important flashlights were working and within reach.  Then Grandpa Bob and Bubba settled down for a very uncomfortable yet very fun night.  Kalel had a wonderful time!  He created hand shadows on the tent roof using the flashlight.  They told "scary" stories, and they even peed outside! Who could ask for anything better than a back yard camp out with grandpa?

Fun Visit With Tasha

 I had just a fun, quick visit to San Diego to visit Tasha and Zane.  As soon as I arrived they drove me straight to the beach.  It is absolutely amazing how many beautiful beaches are near their house!  This time we went to Ocean Beach - one of their favorites because it has a large area where dog are allowed.  We saw this group of young people practicing some balancing moves.  It is a kind of yoga, I think.  One of my favorite things about my son-in-law is that he likes to give hugs.  Here we are hugging with the beautiful ocean in the background.  I was absolutely amazed at all of the beach volleyball games going on!  There must have 50-70 courts with teams playing.  It appeared that there were several organized tournaments going on as well as many people playing just for fun or practice. I am in awe of the sport of beach volleyball, how the players can run, jump, and land in the sand is nothing short of amazing!  Not to mention that it is hot!  But it was fun to watch