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San Diego with Tammy

I literally called Tammy at the last minute and she was able to book the same flight so that we could vacation together.  We had an adventure in the airport while waiting for our plane - it was delayed over 5 hours!  Needless to say we were bored silly waiting, but Alaska Airlines was very kind, they gave us a food voucher ($30 a piece) as well as a credit for our next flight.  I got brave and asked the ticketing personnel if it would be possible to change our return flight since we would be missing most of our first day in San Diego.  They willingly changed it for us and PRESTO our 3 day trip turned into 7 days!

Our trip was PERFECT!  We spent a lot of the time just relaxing and hanging out with Tasha and Zane.  On Saturday we went to the Koby's Swap Meet.  It was fun to see all of the things for sell there, especially the fruit that was really inexpensive.  Tammy and I bought big floppy hats to wear since we had gotten a little sunburned at Sea World.  We certainly looked like f…