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Week in Review June 12, 2016

I love going on vacation - I hate catching up on the work that is waiting for me when I get back!  One day I believe that I will be able to have my lesson plans completed and will just need to tweek them a little before each class - however I am now very much still new at teaching and so I still have to prepare many hours prior to each class (a lot of the time studying the information I will present to make sure that I know it well enough to teach it).  Consequently I had to work long days this week to play catch up.  In addition, I knew that I was going to head up to the condo on Thursday night for our Sister's Retreat and I didn't want to have to work at the condo.

Of course Murphy's law always applies when you are working hard to get something done.  In this case Murphy appeared in the form of a co-worker who had multiple stressors appear in her life that left her unable to carry her own workload.  Therefore my boss asked me if I would be willing to take over doing the…