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February Recap 2018

This winter has been wonderful as far as I am concerned - very little snow, very mild temperatures - but I fear that it will negatively impact our water this summer, so I'm trying to hope for some snow.  However, I going to enjoy the weather while it lasts.

Kim and I celebrated our 36th anniversary by visiting Tasha, Zane and Ish in San Diego.  It was a marvelous trip, especially since we got to play with baby Ish!  He is growing so fast!  He is just as cute as could be, with fat little thighs, gorgeous blue eyes,  and giggles that make you get all giddy and start laughing with him.

Picture overload coming up!

Tasha had just painted her wall and bought some frames to create a gallery wall.  Of course we jumped in to help her.
 And of course, Kim had to help by taping Tasha's mouth shut. 
After a wonderful trip we arrived back to the real world.  Lots of work, teaching, and day to day stuff.  Kim and I took dad down to Home Depo for a day.  We took the wheelchair for him so he …