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Island Park

Here are the highlights of our fabulous trip to Island Park. They are in no particular order. This first picture is looking right out of our cabin's front door. The view is incredible! We had the opportunity to go to the Playmill Theater in West Yellowstone. What an incredible experience! I was so impressed with the talent of these young actors. The same actors put on three different shows during the summer, rotating a different each day. They must have phenomenal memories! Tanissa , Shandra, Tasha, Ranae , Janae and I went to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Of course, I sang, "Going Courtin '" and "Bless My Beautiful Hide" to everyone for the rest of the weekend! Saturday Night Cynthia, Sheryce , and I saw "The Foreigner". I can't remember ever laughing so hard! I have seen this play before, but this production far exceeded anything I have seen before. Kim pushing Karyssa and Bubba in the Swings My new best friends, Ranae and Janae