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December 2013 - Parties, Boomwhackers, and Such

December 2013 was filled to the brim with good times and great memories!  Kim and I decided to suspend the remodeling until January so that we could have time to just relax and enjoy the holiday season.  What a GREAT decision!  Kim and I spend some much needed time enjoying sappy Christmas movies, playing with our grandson, and just enjoying the lights and music of the season.  Shandra and I enjoyed the local community theater's production of "Five Carols of Christmas/Jingle Jacks" so much that we went twice!  I even knitted a couple of scarves! (I put my schoolwork on hold throughout the holidays also - hopefully it won't prove to be problem and make it difficult to finish all of my classes by the end of the term.)

The first Saturday of December is always the Olsen Family Christmas Party.  This year it was hosted by the Woodlands, and it was a tremendous event.  Great food, fun trivia games for the adults, crafts and snowball fights for the kids.  We tried to throw…