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August 2019

Kim's Mom
This month had a rough start.  I was called down to listen to Joan's lungs because she was having some difficulty breathing and her O2 sats were low.  I couldn't hear any sounds hardly at all in her lungs, but she always breathes very shallow, so I didn't know if there was a problem or not.  She complained that she really didn't feel well.  Jody, Mickel, and David were just leaving for a long trip to Kansas, and Kim was at work, so Jan and I took her to the emergency room.  After several hours, they decided that she was too sick to stay at the local hospital and they transferred her to Ogden.

By this time Joan was seriously ill.  They ended up diagnosing her with pulmonary empyema, a condition where pus from infection builds up in the pleural lining of the lung.
It is extremely painful and causes extreme fatigue and weakness.  Needless to say in her already compromised condition, we were all very worried about her.  That lady has been through so much pain…