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Thoughts for "DO"

Jodi's word for the year is "NOW" which is very similar to my word for this year which is "DO".  Lucky for me because she finds some of the most wonderful quotes that fit right into my need to remember to DO.  So, I copied these from her because I think they are great!

Date Night

Kim and I were able to go on a rare date!  We started out with a session at the Brigham City Temple.  It is so nice to have a temple right here in town!  Unfortunately as we were getting ready to go I began to panic as I realized that I couldn't find my recommend!  That was so strange, because I always keep it in the same place.  After searching frantically, and praying for help, we decided to call the temple and see if by chance I had left it there the last time I went.  Sure enough, they had it there for me!  Whew!  What a relief!

The session was very nice, and it was especially nice that Kim was there with me.

 Of course, no date is complete without a trip to Walmart, so we headed there to pick up some sundry items that we just HAD to have!

We finished of the date with a fun dinner at Peach City.

It was so nice to spend some time with Kim.  We don't do it nearly enough!

One Word Resolution

New Year's resolution - now there is a phrase that rarely finds itself in my vocabulary, unless of course I am lamenting either the lack of resolution or the breakage of said resolution.  I never have been good at making or keeping resolutions, especially the last decade or so when I know that I am prone to experience severe bouts of depression during January-February.  There is nothing that increases depression like feeling like a failure for not keeping resolutions.

Needless to say, New Year's goals and resolutions had not even entered my mind as 2015 began.  However, two of my favorite women (at separate times) gave me a suggestion that just may work for me.  Instead of setting specific goals for the year Marilyn and Jodi just came up with one word that they are going to focus on.  Jodi writes a great article about it in her blog Beacon of Hope.

When I asked Marilyn how she chose just one word out of so many, she wisely stated that it needs to be a matter of since prayer …