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Food 4 Thought Friday

A little feast without the calories!!   Please visit  Jodi's blog!   She posts these for us.   Feel free to play along for some yummy fun! She will post a new one each Thursday night.   JOIN IN!!!   Breakfast ~ What is your recent biggest financial disaster? I booked and paid for a trip that we could use anytime within a year.  I should have known better.  If I don’t book with an absolute plan things never seem to work out.  Now with Tasha expecting I want to spend my vacation time with her when she has her new baby, so the trip will just be wasted. Lunch ~ How do you deal with things you can't change? After beating myself up about the situation, I then just try to either deal with it or try to forget it. Dinner ~ When things get stressful, what is your go-to for calming yourself? I wish I could say that I calm myself with something productive and healthy like going for a walk or yoga.  I can’t say that because it isn’t true.  I calm myself by playing mindl

40 Odd Things about Me

Let's have some fun on here. Forty odd things about me.  1. Do you like blue cheese? A little is nice, but I don’t like it if it is strong. 2. Coke or Pepsi? Neither – Dr. Pepper all the way!  (If there is no Dr. Pepper then I will tolerate Pepsi) 3. Do you own a gun? No 4. What flavor Kool-aid? Fruit Punch 5. What do you think of hot dogs? If they are cooked over a fire I like them a lot, but I always get sick after I eat a hot dog, so I haven’t had one for many years 6. What is your favorite TV show? I love any of the old sitcoms 7. What is your favorite movie? Any musical. 8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Milk then water 9. Can you do a push-up?  Not anymore 10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? My new pearl necklace 11. What is your favorite hobby? Scrapbooking/blogging – but I haven’t done much lately 12. O.C.D. or A.D.D.? A.D.D. 13. Do you wear glasses? Yep, getting blinder every day 14. What was your favorite cartoon? Hmmm,

Caught between a rock and a hard place

My dad's memory has been declining at a rapid pace.  He quite often struggles to remember people that he doesn't see frequently, even my mom,  though he was married to her for over 50 years.  He forgets how to do things, and he forgets events that happened even moments before.  In addition, sometimes he remembers things that didn't even happen.  For example, sometimes he will call me and tell me that he had just gotten home from Salt Lake but he can't remember how he got there or who he was with (but he didn't really go anywhere).  The very hardest thing is that he KNOWS that he can't remember and is extremely frustrated by it.  It is difficult to watch him struggle with trying to tell me something he feels is important when he realizes that he really can't remember what he is trying to tell me.  Sometimes he gets depressed and says things like it would be better if he could just lay down and die because he isn't worth anything anymore.  Frequently he