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Wonderful Weekend

Busy, busy weekend. Saturday we stated off the day with some landscaping projects.  Luckily we had Bubba to give us a hand.  First of all, we planted a couple of lilac bushes.  I absolutely love the smell and look of lilacs.  I had a bush when we lived in Perry (our horse Jake kept it trimmed for us).  Thinking back, I don't know why I didn't plant one as soon as we moved into this house - I must have lost my mind for several years.  I can't wait for them to start producing flowers!
 Next, we started our next big - okay more like HUGH - project.  I have hated the corner of the grass where the driveway and sidewalk meet.  It seems like nothing grows well there, and it is such a sharp corner it is difficult to maneuver.  Well, the decision to change that corner seemed to grow until we soon had a major project going. 

 Kim and I worked very hard almost all afternoon, but then we had to clean up to attend the cultural celebration for the temple.  The theme of the celebration…