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A Fun July Day

What a fun, fun day! This morning we went to Ogden for a family reunion – the King family. My cousin, Jaye, is so good to put it on each year. I don’t remember all of the people very well, but it is so much fun to visit with my cousins Terri and Jaye. They were the closest ones to my age, in fact Terri is only 3 days older than me. Daniel and Rachelle Waters are visiting in Utah and they wanted to go through a session at the Salt Lake Temple, we had them drop little Mikayla off at the park and she stayed with us for the reunion. She and Kalel had a fun time playing together – and soon we had Terri’s grandson, Parker, join us as I taught them how to roll down a hill. Before too much time, we had several other children join us too – kids I didn’t know, but learned their names, Emilee, Skye, Halee, Quinlee, and Noah. We had a great time! Terri asked me, “what are you, the Primary President or something?” because the kids were following me around like the Piped Piper! It was fun.

After th…

Donny Again!

Friday, July 26, 2008

So, I just got back from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Pioneer Commemorative Concert with the Osmonds as guests. It was an amazing experience! First of all, anytime I hear the Choir perform it is amazing, and when they are singing about patriotic or pioneer themes, I am usually overwhelmed by the spirit. Today was no exception. It was wonderful. Our seats were right down close, only 8 rows from the front, however they were way off to the side. We couldn’t see the actual performers very well, but we did get to see them up close as they emerged onto the stage. We got an up close look at both President Monson and President Uchtdorf as they entered and left the building. For a little while Donny was only a few feet from me!

The Osmonds were fantastic as usual. They performed several of their hits from their 50th Anniversary tour. I can’t believe how much I enjoyed them singing some of their old songs with their much more mature voices. Donny and Marie sang some songs tog…

The Cutest Kid!

Okay, I have resisted as long as I can in posting pictures of my absolutely adorable grandson, but I can't resist any longer. He is just too cute!

Most kids just throw balls . . .