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December 2017

December was a GREAT month!  Marilyn Parrish flew out from Texas to stay with Maddie while she was recovering from shoulder surgery.  It was so wonderful to talk with her.  She truly is one of the most fabulous ladies I know, and I am so blessed to call her a friend.  I miss her and Mont terribly, but we had a great visit.

We took a trip up to the condo at Wolf Creek and just relaxed for a few days.  Somehow I forgot to get any pictures while we were there.  I must be getting old and senile, why else would I forget to take pictures?  Actually, we had a great surprise that may have rattled my brain just a little.  Kalel was so cute, he made Kim and I both sit down, and then puffed up his chest and announced, "my mom is pregnant"!  You could tell he was extremely excited about the prospect of being a big brother!  Shandra and Hayden are expecting a new little bundle in July.  Apparently Kalel has known for almost a month and hasn't told anyone!  That is amazing!  Kim and I…

November 2017

Dad's memory is definitely not getting any better, he often thinks that he is about 18-20 years old and he wants to go back "home" to Salt Lake to be with his mother.  Most of the time he doesn't remember who I am and he calls Robin, "that woman".  He doesn't remember that he was married for over 50 years, and he talks a lot about his friends - the ones he had when he was young.  He continuously talks about a truck that he left somewhere and he wants us to take him to it.

But yet, suddenly without warning he will be lucid and remember recent details like my husband's name.  Dementia is so strange!  There is no predicting how he will be at any given time.  Fortunately for the most part he is calm.  I have heard of some dementia patients who get very agitated and mean.  Dad isn't like that.  However he frequently gets depressed and frustrated because he "can't do anything right".  He repeatedly states that he just wants to die and o…

Reminiscing with Great Friends

This week I was fortunate to have not one - but two opportunities to get together with great friends I haven't seen for awhile.

Kale, Brynanne and I met a Jeramiah's for lunch.  It never ceases to amaze me how strong my emotions are towards Kale and Brynanne.  No matter where life takes us, we will always have a strong bond which was formed in nursing school.  Kale was wounded again - another basketball injury - so he has been doing office work while he recovers.  He has also started back to school to get his BSN.  Brynanne has been able to scale her work to part-time which is nice for her to spend more time with her cute kiddos.  We laughed and visited and thoroughly enjoyed our lunch together.

Later in the week Jody made dinner for Marlene and I.  It is crazy to think how much time we spent together playing volleyball over the years.  Those were really good times.  I miss the camaraderie we developed with our team as well as all of the other teams.  I treasured games nights.…

Pumpkin Carving 2017

Always a fun night for all!

Silly Hats for a Silly Husband

While enjoying a "date" at Walmart, my dear hubby came across these lovely hats and of course he had to try them all on!  This man truly makes me smile through life.

One month pictures of Ish

I can't believe how much I miss my new little grandson!  Thank goodness for technology that allows Tasha to send me real-time video of the cute little guy.  I love the videos, but I have to admit, I have tried reaching into my phone to squish or kiss his soft little cheeks more than once.  I thought it was hard to have my first grandson grow - and I was with him almost every day.  Missing all of the milestone that Ish is achieving is just about killing me!

Here are his latest pictures.  He is just over one month old.  Tasha wrote, "He now weights 9.5 lbs and is 22 inches long! He's starting to coo and loved sucking his thumb!, he also rolls onto his back every time we do tummy time!"