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June 2019

Air Conditioner
Several years ago when we replaced our flat roof with a pitched one our contractor (Ashley's husband, Mark) removed the old swamp cooler and wouldn't let us cut a hole in "his" new roof to replace it.  We didn't have the money for central air conditioning so every summer we swelter and sweat as we suffer through the hot weather with one window air conditioner and several fans.  It has been tolerable, but usually, there are a few weeks where we seriously suffer. This year our furnace has had a few sputters and attacks of not working so we decided to bite the bullet and get a new furnace as well as central air conditioning.  I'm thinking that Kim is really going to love it, but I find myself wrapped in a blanket most of the time!

Kalel goes to Yellowstone
Mickel has been planning for over a year for a great-big family vacation to Yellowstone.  Kim and I weren't able to go because we had already planned to go to Parrishes house in Texas, but t…