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Ward Choir Good-bye

I have mentioned many times how much I enjoy working with our ward choir.  One reason that our choir is so great is because we have had the great opportunity to have Caryl Hepworth as our accompanist.  She is an extremely talented and educated lady.  Years ago when I was in high school Caryl was the accompanist for the high school choirs.  She understands music in a way that very few people do.  And she can play just about anything!

I attribute most of my ability of leading the choir to Caryl and her comments and suggestions. I have leaned on her and learned a great deal about helping a choir sing to their best abilities.

I have known for a long time that we were not going to be able to lean on Caryl indefinitely.  She has played the piano for many, many years and now has severe pain when she plays.  Today it is official, Caryl was released as the ward choir accompanist.

I totally understand why she had to quit, but I don't like it one bit!  My heart is breaking to know that she …