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Fun, fun, fun - and did I say fun - weekend!  Friday night I went down to Cyn's to play games with her family and her cousin, Ranae (I met Ranae at Island Park a couple of years ago).  Playing games with Cyn pretty much is at the top of my list of favorite things to do!  I spent the night there and then we left early the next morning to pick up Tasha from the airport. After getting Tasha, and meeting up with Brynanne, we headed to the new Salt Lake Mall, City Creek.  It is a very pretty, outdoor mall with a creek running right through it!  Happy day for Cyn and me - we found this wonderful game store!  We each chose a game to take back to the hotel to play.  Shandra met us at the hotel and we played our new fun games (Anomia and Furt) until it was time to get ready to get ready and eat dinner before the show.

We got all beautified and headed to 
for dinner.  It was YUMMY!  And we each got some cheesecake for after the show!

  While we were waiting for a table, we decided to take …