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It is so strange to me that I react the way that I do.I wish I had a better understanding of exactly what is happening.It makes no sense.Tonight I went to the viewing of a friend.He was a very good man, and will be sorely missed.When BJ died, I remember that the viewing was wonderful.It was incredible that so many people came to share with us.All of my memories of the viewing are positive, and I smile whenever I think of it.The viewing was a light in an otherwise dark situation.It buoyed us up and gave us the lift we needed to survive the sad times ahead.I know with all of my heart that BJ is alive and in a wonderful place surrounded by people who love him.Sure, I miss him, but I don’t wish that he were back here with me – that would just be a selfish wish.I am thrilled to think that he happy and doing well.Yes, I do have some sad times when I miss him so badly that I can’t help crying, but those days of sorrow don’t happen very often.Mostly, I am just “okay” with him being gone, beca…