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Shanne, This One's For You!

Today I had the opportunity to spend a good portion of the day with my great friend, Shanne , as well as Tammy, Marilyn, and Keri. We had a terrific time! We started off the day at the Weber County Fairgrounds at the scrapbooking sale. Unfortunately Shanne wasn't able to go to the sale with us, but Marilyn, Tammy & I managed to have a good time nonetheless. We got some fun scrappin' supplies and then headed to a little roadside shop that sells all kinds of beautiful wreaths. We still had a little bit of time before we were to meet Shanne and Keri for lunch, so we drove down to "Grandma's Attic" craft boutique in North Ogden. They had some of the cutest ideas for wall decor that I have ever seen! Too bad that I didn't have tons of money, I could have spent a bunch there. After craft shopping, we drove down to Bellas (Molinas) where we met Shanne and Keri. It was a great lunch! Great food, great atmosphere, and great friends. We laughed and talked for

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I was tagged by Jen . What is your favorite word? That is easy - awhile back I learned the word plethora and for some reason I love . I try to squeeze it in whenever the occasion warrants (I think I sound smart when I use it!) What is your least favorite word? The "f" word and also when the Lord's name is taken in vain. What turns you on (creatively, spiritually, or emotionally)? Good music or a tender story always makes me feel good, but a great game of volleyball is my very favorite thing. Of course scrappin' is up there too! What sound or noise do you hate? Sirens - they remind me of the ambulance when my son died. What sound or noise do you love? Laughter, especially Kalel's squeals of delight. I also love the sound of deep, belly laughs. What's your favorite curse word? I don't like any of the curse words, however, that doesn't mean that I don't use them on occasion! What professions, other than your own, would you like to attempt

Quirky Tag

Thanks to Jodi, I have officially been tagged and am now required to spill my guts about my "quirks"! The Rules: *Link the Person who Tagged you. *Mention rules on your blog. *Tell about 6 quirks of yours. *Tag fellow bloggers to do the same. *Leave a comment to let them know. My Quirks: 1- I am OCD about my breakfast! First of all I usually eat the same thing every morning for years on end. Right now it is oatmeal. I will occasionally change flavors, but I feel deprived if I don't have some form of oatmeal. Also, breakfast is my alone time. That is when I read, usually scriptures, a novel I can't put down, or study for my lesson. I get extremely testy if people try to talk to me during this time! My kids have learned (from experience) that if they want a positive answer to any question, they do NOT ask me during breakfast! 2- I love to sing, especially on Thursdays! It really doesn't matter if I know the words or music to a song, in fact it doesn't even


I love music, various forms of music. I love to listen to the radio when I am driving, frequently changing stations to match the mood I am in. I love to have background music on while I am working - in fact I am often the only person who notices when there is no music playing! I love to play loud music when I am doing dishes or vacuuming. I like to put children songs on and dance and sing with my grandson. I like to play dance music and pretend like I am a famous dancer (or at least a graceful one) while dancing around the room. I love to put on slow music and dance with my husband. I thoroughly enjoy playing the piano while my girls sing (I just wish that I could play well enough that they could REALLY sing) - especially Christmas songs. I love musicals. I love to sing, in choirs and other groups, and alone - even if I don't know the words or can't remember the tune. I love to sing church hymns and spiritual music and feel the emotions as the Holy Ghost bears witness of trut